Short Sale - What Does It Mean?



                                                                       Know your Options!


                                                No Equity? You May Qualify For A Short Sale!


 A Short Sale is a special transaction that allows you to sell your home-even when your mortgage debt is    more than the value of your home.

I am a professionally trained real estate agent who has been specifically trained on how to negotiate a settlement with your current lender so you can sell the property and get out from under this burden. Best of all, my commission will be paid by the bank, so you won't have any out-of-pocket expense!

                                                              A Short Sale will help you:

                                                                  * Avoid Foreclosure

                                                    * Avoid Bankruptcy by selling your home

                                                *Protect Credit Score form "foreclosure" ding

                                                  *Be free of financial & emotional burdens

If you are ready to sell your home and free yourself of this debt, call me today for a free consultation. Short Sales require trained professionals for sucessful transactions, so let me help you find a solution.

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